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Everything is a Journey...

I have always had a desire for all things creative, especially when it came to art growing up. Art was a way to create beauty in a not so beautiful world that I was in that kept me dabbling in different art forms growing up. I then went to college to try to "discover myself" and discover what I wanted to do for my lifelong career. I found myself working in the nonprofit world in Milwaukee, WI which is where I would find myself at the lake shore, craving the waves I once enjoyed as a child on the West Coast and enjoying some quiet time. At the shores of Lake Michigan, I found myself picking up garbage and glass to help Mother heal, I would keep the glass and sometimes some of the garbage even. As I continued picking up more beach glass, I was learning about each piece as much as I could, picking up beach ceramic and even Lake Michigan minerals and fossils. I began accumulating a TON and it got my creative side flowing once again, and with it began my beach glass jewelry and my other lake shore art. This then blended well with my passion for crystals and minerals. Which is where I then got more into wire wrapping crystal jewelry and more of my metaphysical tools. Several years into the journey now and I mostly enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills that I spent a lifetime fine tuning by teaching through classes locally as well as attending events to sell my handmade products.
-Kristalyzed Kreations







Where can you find my handmade items?

 ** Etsy Shop (ships within USA & Canada)

** Tippecanoe Herbs & Apothecary

     Bay View, WI, USA

** Clover Mke

Bay View, WI, USA

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